TBR…the never ending

How can I have so many books to read but yet keep buying or wanting to buy more? Seriously, I have 35 ebooks, and at last count, 22 hard copy books to read. These are books I ‘desperately wanted’ So, logically you would assume I would READ them…

But, oh no! That isn’t the case – but why is this so?

I have thought about this and decided there are a number of reasons:
* Sometimes it’s because I need to be in the ‘mood’ for certain books (f the ‘mood’ to read a particular genre isn’t there then the book is a no-go zone),
* Sometimes I am saving a book, especially if it is a special read for me (you know who you are),
* Sometimes I am in a glomming mode and will only read a particular genre/story line. I love glomms! Thankfully, I have no partner, children or pets to get in the way,
* Sometimes I have just lost interest and will get around to it at some point (yuh, like that is ever going to happen and we all have those books)

So what do other people ‘do’ with their TBR books? Or do people just ‘do nothing’ and let the pile get higher and wider?

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