I’m kicking off my 2016 year of reading by inviting you all to join me in a game of Shallowreader Bingo.

The rules are simple: cross the box as you read and when you get 5 in a row give out a Shallowreader Bingo call on either your blog, twitter or your favourite social media platform with a list of the items you have read. On the 29th of every month, I will put out a Bingo reminder and people can check their lists but I am happy for people to call #shallowreaderBingo whenever they like.

Note: This is a reading bingo game not only a book bingo game – I’d love to see poetry, news articles, essays, closed captions, twitter streams and, of course, books.  Participants who are already doing other challenges (like I am) should feel free to reuse their books here. I don’t want this to be a reading challenge but just a bit of fun. Be liberal with your interpretations of each category and let it be known that I turn a blind eye to cheating. You’ll find that my bingo squares are heavily skewed towards my preferred reading because that is the way I roll.

And what do you win; nothing but the sheer satisfaction of a bingo hurrah and applause and linkylinks from moi. Let me know if you are taking part and what platform you will be using and I’ll add your name to the bottom of this page.

PS A big thank you to Miss Bates for reading through my first draft and for her suggestions.

Shallowreader Bingo


Feel free to participate without being listed. If you would like to be listed send me a message in the comments or ping me on Twitter

Miss Bates Reads Romance

Sandra Antonelli 


Roslyn Groves

Jen Wilson

Fiona Marsden

The Zest Quest




22 thoughts on “#shallowreaderBingo

  1. Miss Bates will definitely be a part of this! And you’re most welcome … I’m going to print my Bingo card and keep taps on my reading and listening! Let the fun begin!! (If anyone’s looking for Deadly Sins, Charlotte Lamb had a whole series.)

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