Journal articles

Occasionally, I write not-so-shallow articles. I have a list of my peer-reviewed publications below:

Veros, Vassiliki. “Keepers: Marking the Value of the Books on my Shelves.” Proceedings from the Document Academy 4.1 (2017): 4.

Veros, Vassiliki. “Marginalising children’s reading experiences: From series books to paratextual reading” TEXT: journal of writing and writing courses 20.1 (2016).

Veros, Vassiliki. “A Matter of Meta: Category Romance Fiction and the Interplay of Paratext and Library Metadata.” Journal of Popular Romance Studies 5.1 (2015).

Veros, Vassiliki. “Scholarship-In-Practice the Romance Reader and the Public Library.” The Australian Library Journal 61.4 (2012): 298-306.

Veros-Elliott, Vassiliki and Lowe, David “Web Specifications: Rhetoric vs. Reality” InformIT Feb 21, 2003