IT IS BACK! ShallowreaderBingo 2017!

Having taken a long, too hot to blog so January did not happen, Summer holiday, ShallowreaderBingo is back!

My teeny weeny change for the year is that I will no longer be posting at the beginning of the month but I will be posting the sheet with only one week to go until the end of the month. So all that reading can’t be planned! I have made one concession though, with her permission, I am including SuperWendy’s TBR challenge as one of the squares.

So enjoy and start posting your Bingo hits as soon as you can!

Shallowreaderbingo: Row 1: Sweet Nectar of Glory; One Beating Heart; February; Tomato Sauce; Scratching. Row 2: Black; I wrote a letter to my mother; Beta; Uncup Me; Yeeha Cowbow! Row 3: Suck it! ; Happy Dance; Beauty; Kind; Bad Hair Day Row 4: 23; That Would Be Grand; Octopus; Hot Hot Hot Hot; Self. Row 5: New To You; No Lycra; Loving; Adonis; Pure.

7 thoughts on “IT IS BACK! ShallowreaderBingo 2017!

    • I know it changes things a little bit but I found lots of people interested at the beginning of the month but there was a low follow through. It also breaks up the month for me as I found my last and first day of the month were posting chaos!

  1. I like the changes! They work so well for me that I’m going to do my best to participate this year. Just did a blog post about my February card – and yes, I made BINGO 🙂

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