ShallowreaderBingo! May 2017

As my previous post indicates, May was crazy busy. So much so that I wasn’t going to put up a May Bingo Sheet at all. But then, commons sense prevailed. So I just pulled up May 2016’s sheet and made a tiny amount of tweaks!

If you are playing, enjoy!


Row 1: Ole; Epic Disaster Wardrobe Tragedy; May; Deja Vu; Narcissism. Row 2: Inchoate Cohesion; Love Triangle; Close but no cigar; Lashings; Train Travel. Row 3: Touch vs Sight; A walk in the park; Abstinence; Ooooh! That would be grand; Bloom. Row 4: Suck it!; Little Fluffy Clouds; Dead Dogs; That Dress; Do the Shake. Row 5: Twins; Silver Fox; Unicorns; Elemental, My Dear Watson. 15 - nooooo....17.

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