A break in the shallows

Some of you may have noticed that there was no shallows to be shared last week. It was going to be my last post and, my goodness! It was a special one. Instead, Chaos decided to reside in his wicked guise of illness and hospitalisation (not me – but my husband) and the shallows took a back seat.

But now, I am signing off until mid-August. I’m off on holidays to Canada and the US. This is my first holiday away with my husband without our sons since 1996!!! Two (albeit older) teens on their own for a fortnight – yikes!!!! My family - me, my husband and my sons

And yes, I am going to the Montreal Romance Meet Up. I am so incredibly excited that I will be meeting USian and Canadian friends in person. I am also heading to New York for my first ever visit (excitement!) and I am meeting cousins in Boston (the excitement never ends!).

So, this Shallowreader is signing off. A planned hiatus! Adieu and I will write soon! Mwah!

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