Notes deleted: Observation Notes 81-82

Observation Note 81: Notes deleted. I wrote about 500 words for today’s post – 2 observations and 2 reading notes. But they lacked flow and cohesiveness. I didn’t want to post substandard writing but I also don’t want to post another photograph. So, with ten minutes of writing time left, I will quickly list my three books that I am currently reading though I am not yet progressed enough to make any comment on them.

Book 1: Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

Book 2: Avidly Reads Guilty Pleasures by Arielle Zibrak

Book 3: Scandalous by Charlotte Lamb

Observation Note 82: Shrugs. I have barely progressed reading any of these books because I am accidently writing one too. It is kinda an academic expectation to turn your thesis into an academic book but meh. Having spent many years as a specialist in deselecting books in libraries that then get sent to be pulped, I feel jaded and don’t believe that there is any point to getting books published. Books with zero loans over two years. Pulp and landfill. Anathema, I know. However, just like I vowed that I would never study again after completing my Bachelor’s Degree (we all know how that ended!), I have also never ever wanted to write a book.

Yet here I am.

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