Good Month!

It’s December! Καλό μήνα (Good Month) greetings to you all.

The last six months have been challenging for me in weird but safe ways. So I thought I would end the year trying to post every day for this month. Instead of launching into writing though, I am posting a few photographs from my first swims of the Summer from a few weeks ago.

Deep blue ocean with a vibrant blue sky. Sailing boats and swimmers with a rocky foreshore.
Walking to Fairy Bower in Manly
Harbour swimming at Fairlight. Sydney North and South Heads in the distance. Swimmers. Sand. Super yacht.
Harbour swimming at Fairlight Beach
Bright blue sky, bright blue harbour.
Entering the water at Dellwood Beach in Sydney Harbour
Narrow entrance to the beach through the rocks.
Dellwood Beach has a narrow entry through the rocks

I hope you all have a good month and a peaceful countdown to the end of the year.

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