Elessa is Sharing the Shallows

I am so incredibly excited by today’s Sharer of my Shallows! Elessa is my first blood relative to share my shallows! Elessa is my first cousin’s daughter and I have known and adored her since the day she was born. When she was little, at family parties, she would excitedly tell me about her favourite books that she found in the library and my heart would go all happy melty. As she has grown older, through her teen years, uni years and now as a teacher, whenever we see each other, it is inevitable that the two of us will have a reading conversation.

Elessa holding Liane Moriarty's Big Little Lies in front of her faceElessa


Can you describe yourself?

I’m a primary school teacher who loves to read a little bit of everything. Some of my best life lessons have come from quality picture books. I don’t like to discredit any genre or text type.

What is your main reading medium (books, blogs, games, news, etc) and how much time do you spend reading a week?

Books (I try to read a bit every week), Facebook and Instagram news feeds (daily scrolls) and a quick flick through the top stories of Online news. Otherwise, I’m often looking through various teacher blogs for classroom inspiration. Continue reading

Kaetrin is Sharing the Shallows

Kaetrin is another of my Twitter friends. I don’t know when we first met online but I do know that she has been one of the people who often get caught up in spider and snake discussions with me along with our obigatory romance discussions. We met in real life at the Australian Romance Readers’ Convention in Canberra in 2015 and she is lovely. I stand back in awe of Kaetrin – her reading and writing output is phenomenal. I feel as though every time I look online she has listened or read another book and she is posting reviews here, there, everywhere. And she is a font of knowledge! She remembers titles and always has a recommendation at the ready.

Kaetrin age 5Kaetrin

Blogger and tweeter @ www://kaetrinsmusings.com or https://twitter.com/Kaetrin67

Can you describe yourself?

Reader, blogger, audiobook lover, all about the HEA. Talking about books on Twitter is one of my favourite things to do. Also wife, mother, baker and eater of cake (though not as much as I’d like).

What is your main reading medium (books, blogs, games, news, etc) and how much time do you spend reading a week?

I mainly read books but Twitter does take up a lot of my time – and I read more news since the Trumpocalypse happened. These days I mainly read on my Kobo reader – I read a paperback recently and it was hard work! No backlight, no highlight function, no dictionary and I needed two hands to hold the book while I turn the page instead of swiping with a finger. I hadn’t realised how much I preferred ebooks until then. LOL

Also I’m a keen audiobook and podcast listener so I’m most always reading one way or another – either in my ears or with my eyes. Continue reading

Stormy Sunday is Sharing the Shallows

Stormy Sunday/Kiriaki/Kiri and I are κουμπαρες, fellow bookgroup buddies, loud-mouthed plotters and schemers, I am her daughter’s godmother and we are long-time friends who argue and laugh and sup at each others’ tables. I can’t remember when I first met her. She hovered on the fringes of my primary school life, my Greek school classes, occasional apperances at Sunday School, and in and around our beloved ‘burb – she was there, lurker and talker (she would say that she was too shy to talk but I remember talking, dammit). We went to different high schools and did not see each other again until our late teens when I saw her at one of my best-friend’s homes. That is when we really started talking and talking and talking and talking. We went to church youth group together and the two of us would constantly challenge the priest’s lessons. Aahhhh – poor Father Leslie was like deer caught in the headlights with us. One day he asked us to simplify whatever it was that the two of us were arguing for. We stated that complex ideas needed to be understood in their entirity and that we would not simplify our thoughts. That was the last time we went to youth group but I think it was the moment that cemented our friendship that has been going for over thirty years. When Stormy Sunday opened her first cafe in Sydney, my husband and I bought our home in the same suburb just to be close by. I would see Kiri everyday when I would go walking with my young son. Her laughter rings out wherever she is. She is happy and chatty and always welcoming. Her cafe iterations always are successful due to her deep understanding of people’s need for connection. (her current cafe is no longer near my home, but it is an easy walk from my work). One day, two months after I had my second son, I made a visit to the cafe where Kiri greeted me and announced that I needed at least one night out a month and that she was starting a book group and that I needed to be there at the inaugural meeting. I went to the meeting and people were arguing about which high-falutin literature they would go for their first choice. I was horrified. I couldn’t bear the thought of reading the books they were suggesting. I looked across at Kiri and I think she could sense my fear. I called out that we should have a theme instead of a single book since there was such indecision. Some people grumbled, a whole lot concurred and as it was Kiri’s cafe, she made the call that it was going to be a themed bookgroup. Today, those of us that concurred (plus some more) are meeting up for our 16 year bookgroup anniversary at Stormy Sunday/Kiri and her husband’s Cafe Guilia. It is only right that Kiri gets to Share My Shallows on this rather important day. Continue reading

Willaful and Hub are Sharing the Shallows – She Said He Said special edition!

I am so excited with today’s Sharing the Shallows! It is my first partners who read QandA! Willaful and I met later on in my online Romancelandia discussions. I often found myself in overcrowded twitter discussions with her and I would see her excellent reviews popping up on several blog spaces. We finally followed each other quite a few years ago and we have since been in practically daily contact with each other which gives me great comfort. We chats about all things readerly, about our bingo reads (ahem!), the occasional other topics, and happily, I think that our romance fiction world view seems to be closely aligned. I have never met her Hub but I am pleased that he agreed to take part in this fab Q&A 

Bookshelf with Willaful and Hub's handsWillaful and Hub

Blogger and Husband

Can you describe yourself?

Willaful and her hub started sharing bookshelves in 1986. He introduced her to Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and Spider Robinson. (Spider is the only one that stuck.) She introduced him to The Tightrope Walker by Dorothy Gilman and Season of the Witch by James Leo Herlihy. Hub’s magnificent readings of the first four Harry Potter books are probably the only thing that got willaful through about 18 months of 24 hour morning sickness. Though even now his Dobby voice is known to make her throw up. Continue reading

Paula Grunseit is Sharing the Shallows

Paula and I first met on Twitter in 2009 where we were constantly in publishing and book tweeting conversations. We finally met a few years later and found that we get on in person as well as we get on online. We are both in the library industry, but like ships that pass in the night, we have yet to work together as librarians. Maybe sometime in the future that too will come.
Balcony reading nook
Paula Grunseit

Librarian and author

Can you describe yourself?

Paula is a librarian/reviewer/writer/editor who likes to read a bit of everything. Genre bias really makes her cross.

What is your main reading medium (books, blogs, games, news, etc) and how much time do you spend reading a week?

Physical books, online news, literary and other magazines (I prefer the physical items not the e-versions although then there’s my storage issues), selected Google alerts related to libraries, publishing, various online newsletter subs eg from my writers’ centre memberships, libraries, other library and writing – related things that land in my Inbox, Twitter feed and links from Twitter. Not as much time as I’d like to. I’d like to spend less time managing my inboxes! Continue reading

Wendy the Super Librarian is Sharing the Shallows

The first time I remember seeing SuperWendy’s name mentioned was in the early 2010s and someone was discussing a librarian who was running readers’ advisory training for Harlequin Mills &Boon category novels at her library. I just died of envy! I wanted to be at the training! I wanted to be the librarian that ran the training. I wanted to KNOW the genius who was able to run with this. At that point, I had been running readers’ advisory training in my own workplace for close to five years but never once did I have the opportunity to run any training that was genre specific, let alone on my favourite genre ever. Having discovered Super Wendy, I started following her on Twitter, chatted with her, followed her excellent blog, I take part in her most excellent TBR Challenge and one day, I know, we will meet in person. In the meantime, I am so happy that she has agreed to share my shallows today.

Avatar of a comic book super hero caped and masked womanWendy the SuperLibrarian

Wendy is a librarian, working in administration these days.  According to her Mom, she is a “big shot.”

Can you describe yourself?

Wendy fell in love with romance shortly after accepting her first professional librarian gig.  Prior to succumbing to romance, an addiction that took hold with frightening speed (seriously, like three books in and she was hooked!), she preferred her books with at least one dead body, by no later than page 50.  While she still reads suspense, it’s romance that truly has her heart and she reads it almost exclusively.  Wendy’s been kicking around the online romance community since 1999 – and her various scribblings have been on so more online walls (some defunct, some still in existence) that she can barely keep track anymore.  A Midwestern girl at heart, she now lives on the US west coast where, when she’s not reading romance, she’s obsessing over her Detroit Tigers baseball team, drinks more tea than is likely good for a person, and devotes way too much time to Law & Order (the original and best flavor) reruns. Continue reading

Ainslie Paton is Sharing the Shallows

I met Ainslie Paton online years ago but we really got to know each other on a three hour drive from Canberra to Sydney two years ago. You get to know a lot about a person as you drive down an expressway flinching at the roadkill count that interrupts your conversations. The two of us continue to chat online and occasionally we get to lunch in person. Regardless of the physicality of our meetings, we always end up laughing and chatting like old friends.

Ainslie's cat

Ainslie Paton


Can you describe yourself?

For a writer, Ainslie Paton is crap at description.  All of her training trained her out of it. So in describing herself she’d say.  She’s a girl, who always wanted to write, and got lucky because she has done that for most of her career both corporately and for love, and is still surprised at the stupid mistakes she makes.

She’s not very tall and not very thin and not very blonde and not very young but has enough height, weight, hair of varying colours and years of experience to muck on with.

Her daily work is supervised by two cats.  They both go to bed before she does.  She can do limited sleep and forgetting to eat and going without to write. Continue reading