Danielle is Sharing the Shallows

When I first started using Twitter in 2009, I found myself meeting people all the time. As the years have passed, the amount of new people I chat with have become less and less over time. Danielle is one of the more recent people that I have met online. We both read romance, we both are librarians and we both blog. Do the similarities end there? Well, read along!




Trained librarian and lover of Shakespeare, poetry, romance novels and reading. I’m a Richard III fan girl and wannabe writer. I’ve lived in marvellous Melbourne all my life.



What is your main reading medium (books, blogs, games, news, etc) and how much time do you spend reading a week?

Books but I love news as well – long form journalism is amazing when done well. I read about 4-5 hours per week, which is not enough. I need more time.

Waking up with the dukeWhat or who is your joyful reading (guilty or otherwise) pleasure? 

I love to re-read romance novels, sometimes only the good bits that I really liked. My favourite is Waking up with the Duke but I also love Kylie Scott’s books, Lead which has Jimmy and Lena is so good. Anne Gracie is also a favourite.

I like books where the guys work out that they like the woman early on and then have to convince her. Any romance novels that have librarians as the lead are also a favourite. I’m not a huge fan of the Alpha male storyline (classic Mills and Boon) and I’m not sure how I feel about the trend of male/female abuse victims as romantic leads – I’m not sure it’s possible to do it without trivialising the abuse in some ways, although there has been a couple that are good (Nalini Singh rock kiss series). I don’t read erotica because I often find the storylines are secondary to the sex, which isn’t why I read romance novels. They also often seem to have women as submissive and that really bothers me, I don’t find the whole tie me up, tie me down in this context in anyway romantic.

Anne Gracie Spring BrideWhy do you/don’t you use a public library?

I use/work in public libraries but they often stinge on the romance novels/authors. There’s still a perception that romance novels are trash but everyone knows they are the most popular genre for women readers.

Do you RUI*. If so, what?

When I’ve had a couple of wines, I actually like to read Hemingway. I think he’d like this. The favourite romance novels come out after a couple of wines.


A stack of booksDo you have a favourite reading spot?

It’s weird but I find it hard to read in the same place I watch TV. I don’t read in bed much anymore… I need a proper reading space.

Toilet reading: 

    a) Never do it

 I work in a library and I’ve seen toilet paper bookmarks. It’s gross so no just no.

Romance fiction of the Happily Ever After (not the love tragedy) kind – are you a Lover or a Hater and why?

Romance is all about the happily ever after, although sometimes when the relationship was kind of stormy you wish they’d write a sequel.

What would you give up reading for**?

A trip in the TARDIS and/or a date with David Tennant.

Can a romance/crime/super/etc hero be the driver of a hatchback?

Possibly but shouldn’t romantic heroes have horses?

Cartoon of a silhouetted horse and rider

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