10 Movies that have stayed with me through the years

A while ago I was tagged to Name 10 Movies that have stayed with you through the years. It has taken me a while but I have finally done it. What stands out for me is that four of the movies that I have listed originated as a print fiction yet there are none that have gone the other way around.

1. Grease – The teen flick that beats all teen flicks. It is the ultimate. Cool kids, geeks, singing, car chases. It has it all. I know that it is all PC to criticise the movie for not being PC and for Sandy caving in to peer pressure but I view the movie differently. Grease is classic romance. Sandy and Danny like each other but they are both caught up on their image. At the end of the movie, it is not only Sandy that gives up her “good girl” image but Danny gives up his “bad boy” image. He letters in track for Sandy. He gives up his leather jacket for the letter jacket. He runs for her! HE RUNS!!! Yet all critics can do is focus on Sandy changing for him. Well, maybe Sandy changed for herself. Maybe she didn’t like living life to society’s expectations of what constitutes “good”. Does she inherently change because she dons the sparkly lycra? A wop-ba-ma-loo-bop-a-wop-bam-NO! She is still cute and giggly as she was at the begininning of the movie. And as for Rizzo. AWESOME! She’s already done and ditched the hero before the movie started. This movie stands out for me because it ultimately says, dress up the way you want, because it makes no difference as to who you are. People will laugh and say mean things regardless. Just do what you want.

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