VaVeros’s Favourite Australian Picture Book Picks

With Aussie Author month coming to a close I wanted to highlight some fabulous Australian authors and illustrators in the realm of children’s picture books. These are my surefire picks.

Gordon’s Got a Snookie by Lisa Shanahan and Wayne Harris

Gordon’s a silverback brought in to service the ladies. The ladies expect an alpha gorilla but they get a beta instead. This book is fabulous. It’s about teasing, loneliness, comfort and lurrve! I have bought many copies of this book – many for family overseas.

Flame Stands Waiting by Corinne Fenton, illus by Sebastian Ciaffaglione

You know those picture books you pick up and start reading and you suddenly feel that you are standing in the illustration as it is incredibly life-like and mesmerising. Well, this book is it. The story of the only horse on the Merry-Go-Round that does not move, the fun park lights come to life and the emotions of the kids seem quite tangible. A gem of a book.


Goodnight Me – Andrew Daddo, illus. Emma Quay

Goodnight Me is a sweet, lovely bedtime book for young children. It’s the kind of book that has your 3 year old curling up to sleep with their board book copy.


Lilli-Pilli – The Frog Princess by Vashti Farrer & Owen Swan

A historical picture book romance with kings, queens, dukes and the search for the perfect match. Poor Lily though has frogs legs. The illustrations are dream like and in keeping with fairytales.


Leaf – Stephen Michael King

Quiet, introspective with a childlike, whimsical perspective of the world. Everytime I read a book by Stephen Michael King I want to climb a tree and watch birds flying around for the whole afternoon. He gets to you that way.


Miss Llewellyn-Jones Goes to Town by Elaine Forrestal, illustrated by Moira Court – I love the cadences and rhythms in this gorgeously illustrated book. I wish I could get a series of prints for my kitchen from this book too. Love it.



Hunting for Dragons by Bruce Whatley

You know how as a child you walk around the house searching for that monster and it is always lurking close by appearing in everyday movements and items. Well, Bruce Whatley has this imagining down pat. I love pouring over all his books but this one, with its dragon hunter, is a standout choice.

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