Book 1: It’s Always Been You by Victoria Dahl

This book took me 6 weeks to finish. This is not indicative of a sluggish read but more a sign of my exhaustion working on my house renovation that I could barely manage a chapter a day. Though half way through the book I found myself sneaking off to the hardware shop to “buy a screw/doorhandle/paint/thingmejob” when in actual fact I was driving around the corner, reading a chapter and then returning (remarkably early) shaking my head and claiming that the shop had run out of screw/doorhandle/paint/thingmejob.


A lovely read! I liked it muchly. I enjoy Victoria Dahls writing and It’s Always Been You uses the teen romance separated by meddling parents meet up years later trope that I love. Great characters, hot sex scenes, English countryside, and a beautiful blue dress. Go forth and read it too!

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