Let’s Do It, Spicy Pop-ups and the Wonder Book of Sex: Books 7, 8, 9

Book 7: Let’s Do It  by Cole Porter with illustrations by Ward Schumker.

Porter’s Let’s Do It is a favourite, so when I saw this picture book version, I felt the need to own  it. With delightful illustrations, joyous couplings and bright primary colours this book lends itself well for storytime with young kids. For “Let’s Do It, let’s fall in love!”

Book 8: The Roaring Twenties: A Spicy Pop-Up Book for Adults Only illustrated by Pete Seymour, Borje Svensson and paper engineering by Rodger Smith & Dick Dudley.

I love pop-up books. They are clever and cool. This is the first Adults Only pop-up book I have read. And, unlike the misleading title, its cheeky and suggestive text and pop-ups are tame. Tabs allow peek-a-boo situations to be illustrated in a typical 20’s fashion.

Book 9: Wonder Book of Sex by Glen Baxter.

This book is filled with odd, peculiar illustrations of absurd (and mostly non-sexual) situations. I always have a laugh at the inanities illustrated in this book. Perhaps one of my favourite wedding presents from a librarian friend.

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