I can read a book a day but I can’t blog a book a day

At the beginning of the year I said I would read a book a day. I am mostly up to date with this aim (thank you very much Picture Book obsession). However, I’m a crappy blogger and have given up posting individual items.

So today, in a phenomenal show of catch-up, I’m listing the books I’ve read with minimal commentary.

Books 26-30:

Fancy Nancy books are awesome. Pretty, colourful and all about a fancy girl discussing her daily life. She lurrrves fancy words and this is where author Jane O’Connor brilliantly entices kids into broadening their vocabulary without being preachy. This set was a quintet (a fancy word for 5) of readers – a perfect reader set! My favourite amongst this lost was The Boy from Paris.

Fancy Nancy at the museum – car sick
Fancy Nancy & the dazzling book report
Fancy Nancy poison ivy expert
Fancy Nancy sees stars
Fancy Nancy & the boy from paris

Books 31-36

Sandra Boynton is very amusing. My staple purchase for friends’ kids, she seems to be one of the few authors who can get side-splitting laughter from toddlers. Red Hat, Green Hat seems to tickle the funny bone of an 18 month old like no other book. Bravo, Ms Boynton and thank you.

Titles I read to my nephew last week:

Red hat, Green Hat
Hippos go beserk
But not the hippopotamus
Moo, baa, lalala
15 Animals

Faces (board book) fascinating (for a toddler) illustrated expression.
The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey is an abecedarium that is macabre and delicious. Having read a review of this old children’s book at Love2Read (thanks Amy) I read it online and relished it.


Sara Craven: I’ve been on a mini-glom of Sara Craven’s books. Dark and sad they are classic Mills & Boon. But I won’t go into detail here as I mean to write a post on her, soon.

One Night with his virgin mistress (brill but such an awful, untrue title)
Innocent on her wedding night (meh)
The Santangeli Marriage (torrid, objectionable, full of melodrama)
Dark Paradise (TSTL heroine)
Escape Me Never (autocratic, controlling alpha brute. Horrid story)
Sup With the devil (one of teh best evah M&B)


Miranda Lee – Beth and the Barbarian weird weird weird. Imagine a romance on a set from The King and I and throw in a feisty (read grating) female protagonist with the alpah male dressing weirdly. I will write about this book at a later date.

Lucy Ellis – Innocent in the Ivory Tower is a brilliant debut. Dark but simply divine book.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling

So I’m pretty late to the Harry Potter party. I read the first instalment to my son and we finished it in a week. An easy page turner read, I am now a fan. And I get the Harry fan sqee.

I still have read more books that I ended up listing. But at least I have now made a kink in my bloggi g backlist.

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