Tipping one’s hat to Britannica’s bookbinders

Encyclopaedia Britannica’s decision to cease printing their leather bound knowledge tomes hit the news today. People became nostalgic, call back radio was busy with people regaling tales of their parents, teachers, neighbours as sales people, spruikers and customers. Telling the tale of the need to have a set on their shelves as a sign that they cared for their children’s education. My family was no different. We would tease my dad for reading through the Macropedia and Micropedia. Britannica was ace! I don’t mind that it is now out of print. I use the online access my library subscribes to and I treasure the 197o’s edition I do own.

What I haven’t heard anyone mention, though, is the superb craftsmanship of the Britannica (and for that part the majority of well produced reference books). The paper quality, though thin, is strong enough to suspend a volume from a single page.


I hope that Britannica preserves their binding knowledge.

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