My current library haul

I’m talking about my library haul with Linda Mottram on ABC702 this morning. Catch up radio will have the show on for the next 7 days (I’m on in the last 20 minutes)

My library borrowing is quite different to my book buying habits. At the library I feel at ease to borrow items that I would hesitate to expend money upon as they may be unknown authors, unknown TV shows or just unavailable. Here is my pic taken with my precision skills which my sons caption “The Veros School of Photography” – it is a family gift:

Library Haul November 2015

My own haul from last week:

3 DVDs:

Currently Watching:

The Mindy Project – I’ve been binge-watching Mindy Kaling’s 1st season with my son. She is very funny and I love her perspective.


  • Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing – Shakespeare retelling FTW!
  • The Thick of It – I am in the mood for some sweary Malcolm Tucker


Currently reading:

Anne Gracie’s The Spring Bride – the 3rd of a Quartet (but the first that I am reading). A young lady in georgian England who had a poverty-stricken upbringing only wants a stable and rich marriage to keep her from ever being poor again. Then she falls in love with a spy while she is betrothed to a duke. I’m early in the book but I already love it. This is also my only Australian author from my current haul.


  • Dani Collins x 4 Mills & Boon: An Heir to Bind Them, His For Revenge, The Russian’s Acquisition and A Debt Paid in Passion  – as one of Miss Bates‘ readers called them, they are the amuse-bouche of reading. I am binge reading her backlog. I discovered Dani Collins earlier this year and she has already become a favourite.
  • Brady Udall’s The Lonely Polygamist – a man with 4 wives has an affair. I rarely read books written by males so I approach this one with trepidation.
  • Megan Hart’s Vanilla – I have heard lots about this NYT bestselling author but have never read any of her books.
  • Jo Baker’s Longbourn – Pride and Prejudice from the servants side of the story. Another retelling. I do love appropriated fiction.
  • Lynne Segal’s Out of Time: The Pleasures and Perils of Aging – because, you know, this goes with being menopausal.
  • Ann Beattie’s The State we are in – short stories set in Maine, USA because one day, I will meet my dear Twitter friend Jessica Tripler who always sends me fab pics of her drives around Maine.
  • Jenny Colgan’s Resistance is Futile – because I liked the cover. Pink and Orange.


Whether I will eventually read/watch all of my haul is unknown. But I adore the promise of each one of my choices.

6 thoughts on “My current library haul

  1. Interesting perspective… You are absolutely right – we ARE making a different choice when we decide to buy something. It’s not only parting with money but an intention to have something for a long haul?… Or a fair price for having something quicker/easier/at hand…

  2. Hey, I bought a whole pile of Dani Collins on your rec at the recent Harlequin e-sale. Really looking forward to them.

    I’ve tried to read a few Harts, Megan … not, gasp, my beloved Jessica … but I can’t warm to her. I hope you do read the one just so’s I can know your take on it.

    • I have an inkling that her writing may not be quite my thing but this way I get to try her out and not regret my precious dollars being spent 🙂 I can’t wait for your verdict on Dani Collins!

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