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July has been a bit crazy involved for me. Lots of family stuff and study stuff has kept me occupied and away from the interwebs. I have been able to occasionally mini-blog over on Twitter but even my engagement there is minimal.

I always knew that there would come a time in my thesis that I would go on hiatus with my blog. I feel that time is coming nearer but I don’t want to stop altogether. I have decided that I need to curb my propensity for 2K+ posts and just bring over to my blog some of my meanderings from Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads (but rarely ever Facebook). I will also continue with my Bingo cards. Even though there are only a handful of people playing, I love creating the cards (so much fun!) and I adore that handful of people. They all blow me away. I always thought I was a big reader but they are such avid readers I remain in awe of all of them.

So here goes with a super quick review:

Required to Wear the Tycoon's RingRequired to Wear the Tycoon’s Ring

Maggie Cox

Seth Broden needs this last deal to achieve the success he’s always desired—but to close it, he must make the one acquisition he’s never wanted: a wife! A chance meeting with pretty but penniless Imogen Hayes gives Seth the chance to propose a mutually beneficial arrangement… 

Jilted bride Imogen vowed to save herself for her wedding night—but she never expected to be walking down the aisle to Seth! With the brooding tycoon waiting for her at the altar, will Imogen succumb to his charm and be his wife in more than name only?

I read this completely based on the cover art. What a beautiful cover! I just love looking at it. The book was OK. There was lost love luggage for both the hero and the heroine and the story plodded along. I neither felt it annoyed me but it was certainly not a page turner.  But then, the hero Seth needed to wine and dine penniless Imogen!Cinderella at a posh restaurant. So Seth says “A dress! I’ll buy you one!” and when Imogen offers to tell him her size he refuses for her to tell him because he is WonderMAN! and so he  whipped out his mild superpower of knowing what dress size Imogen!Cinderella wears so he could fill her wardrobe with super expensive designer clothes. Of course,  I know that this is not uncommon in romance gazillionaire fiction to have this special skill. But then I reached an impasse… Seth!Prince Charming asked her for her shoe size and I just had to DNF this book.

I’m sorry but if a hero is to possess super sizing powers it cannot amount to half-magic.


I borrowed a copy of this book from a public library in New South Wales.



8 thoughts on “Superquick post

  1. Milady, there may be only a handful of people playing, but there are many more enjoying your reader bingo every month.

    Here’s wishing you luck and success in all your endeavors, and hoping that blogging, even occasionally and briefly, gives you as much enjoyment as you labor over your thesis, as it does us your readers.

  2. Heheheh.. half-magic. I loved a recent HP where the hero got the sizing ALL WRONG! Though IIRC, it turned out he’d been misled by an EOW.

    I’m so glad you’ll still find time to make your awesome bingo cards! Good luck with getting through the hard work and then getting a well deserved rest.

    • Damn those EOWs messing with hero skillz. Obviously they possess the higher powers.

      And thanks for the good wishes. My plan is to finish in 12 months


  3. lol – that kills me – I imagine it takes ALL kinds of energy to miraculously x-ray-envision the correct dress on a heroine…Maybe he used all the magic-ju-ju up in the guessing-of-the-dress-size and had none left for the shoes….?!

    Also: soo happy you’re still going to do bingo cards — tis one of my FAVOURITE justifications for reading instead of work. 😉

    Wishing you the best of luck for your thesis-ing and everything else…

    • *snort* You made me laugh with your magic-juju observation!

      And I’m happy to give anyone an excuse to keep reading. I can see how turning to a work supervisor and saying “can you hold the meeting. I’m about to score a Suck It! Square”.

  4. The only reason I’m not playing Romance Bingo is because my reading is positively dismal right now – and my July has been INSANE! But like AL already mentioned, there are many of us following along even if we aren’t individually participating 🙂

    • We must be on the same July biorhythm because mine has been a total shocker. It’s lovely knowing that people are following along. Every month I mean to try to fit your challenge onto a square but I seem to forget when I’m drawing up the squares >.<

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