ShallowreaderBingo! July

The July card is here!

My Bingo game has been going for 6 months and I want to add a new category. I have been giving a shout out to the fastest bingo caller. Several people who would like to play have said that the game is too fast/too many boxes for them so I’m going to now give a second prize!

A shout out to the best match up between a bingo square and your chosen material. It doesn’t matter if you have read 25 items or only 1 item, I will choose my favourite entry depending on how amusing I find it. It is a very objective measure, scientifically proven.

Meanwhile, as her prize for winning, two of the boxes have been contributed to July by BookThingo who won last month’s game. Can anyone guess which ones are hers?

Remember that any reading goes – novels, letters, lyrics, news, captions, blogs – the lot!

Join in and play!

Row 1: XXL; It’s Complicated; July; Insta-WHAT!; Quaint Row 2: Tyranny of Distance; Ghost Town; Lick; Pyrrhic Victory; Fifty-Fifty Row 3: Crushed it!; They; True Love’s Kiss; And the Fandom Rejoiced; Ice Castles Row 4: Pulling out!; Wicked; Summer Lovin’; π (maths notation pi); Happy Dance Row 5: Betty; Going Solo; Delicate; Sausage Sizzle; 18


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