ShallowreaderBingo! November

The November card is here!!

Any reading goes – novels, letters, lyrics, news, captions, blogs – the lot! Thanks to Kat Mayo for her winner squares contribution, my sons for watching How I Met Your Mother while I made up the sheets (spot the Barney Stinson influence) and my bookcase for inspiring me (spot the book titles!)

Join in and play!


Row 1: Smokescreen; Proposals; November; My Hands are Tied; Hahaha. Row 2: Undone; Dare; Cords; A Tempting Stranger; Captive. Row 3: Good Greek Girl; Suit up; Entangled; Queen; Moving toward the light. Row 4: 1996; Soulless; Scandalous; Flirt; Marshmallow. Row 5: Bosoms; Navy; Flower Boy; Awakened; Vintage.

4 thoughts on “ShallowreaderBingo! November

  1. Barney is pretty obvious, unless there’s more than one. (No laser tag?)

    Titles… Smoke Screen, Undone, Captive, Entangled, Soulless, Scandalous, Awakened?

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