Monday Reading: 23rd of January

I was on an evening shift at work again today so I got to drive in which of course meant listening to a novel. I am STILL *groan* listening to Connie Brockway’s Highlander Undone. The story of widow and disliker of soldiers, Addie and soldier disguised as a foppish artist, Jack is okay. I am just up to the part where Jack is trying to explain his duplicity to Addie who keeps trying to reject him. I have enjoyed the story but it hasn’t given me the feels in anyway. This is not really a bad thing as I am really enjoying Jack’s (accidental) spying storyline more than the central romance.

I am now only 4 chapters short of finally finishing my everlasting audiobook. Only 1 more hour of driving to finish!

I’ll be cruising the ‘burbs tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Monday Reading: 23rd of January

  1. I have been known to sit in the driveway and listen to an audiobook. Generally thought that is because I am thoroughly enjoying it and not because I just want to get it done.

    • I now have only 5 minutes to go! I contemplated sitting in the car while it played but it was 41C and I just had to bolt out of the car! So many things to consider!

      I am enjoying the story. But it lacks the emotional punch for me to call it a good romance. Definitely a good story though.

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