Not all days are reading (or writing) days

I had an unexpected road trip to the city of Newcastle today. Hubs and I left the dogs in the care of our sons and headed out early in the morning. Newcastle is an approximately 3 hour drive north of Sydney. I’m only here for two days however it is the first time I have ever been here so I spent the day walking around rather than reading. I forgot to take photographs of the city itself but I did manage to take a couple of photographs. The first is of the mouth of the Hunter River looking across to Stockton. The second is of the Pacific Ocean taken from Newcastle Beach. I have a rubbish old phone with a rubbishy camera which takes rubbishy unfocused photographs. My family tells me that the technology is not to blame. Operator error and all that.


Looking out to Stockton. The horizon is uneven. Sun is glaring through dark clouds.
A landscape photograph. Blueish cloudy sky, blue steel like Zoolander ocean with a sandy shore. 3 surfers bobbing in the water.

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