Ultimo end: Observation Notes 74-75

Observation Note 74: Farewelling Ultimo. Despite having finished my PhD in February, I had not gone in to my university to clear my research desk until today. I think that deep down in my mind, I was hoping that there would be a chance that I could carry on there. Maybe find a few hours of teaching, retain some connection not only to the university where I had spent the last eight and a half years, but to retain a connection to the suburb of Ultimo and the council area of the City of Sydney. I have spent the last 16 years either working or studying in Ultimo and it is a wrench to remove myself from my favourite suburb in Sydney. It is not a touristy suburb, or a glamorous suburb, but it is a suburb which has one of the warmest and loveliest communities I have ever had the privilege to work (and study) in. I loved working at Ultimo library (Sydney’s best kept secret library – no pizzazz, all heart), and I loved studying/teaching/researching at the University of Technology Sydney in Ultimo.

Observation Note 75: Ultimate Ultimo. My exit from Ultimo is gradual. The most sudden separation occurred last year with the pandemic lockdown. However, I loved that my research space was retained. I had packed the majority of my work and brought it home last year. However, I still had bits and pieces to go. 4 boxes worth all now sitting in the boot of my car. I am quite saddened. The research room is empty. No-one is here to farewell me. So I call my son and he comes and helps me carry everything to the car. It is an ultimo end.

I post here a photograph from my first desk at the university and packing up my desk today.

My first desk on Level 8.
My second desk on Level 5.
My 3rd and last desk on Level 5. Time to pack up.
My boxes and bags are packed.
Empty. The ultimo goodbye.

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