Words: Observation Notes 76-78

Observation Note 76: Words with Absences. I will definitely be getting sweary in this post. I have been playing Words With Friends since about 2010. I have played against a variety of people. Sometimes I play just one or two games, sometimes I play with someone on and off for a few years, and then there is a woman who I met on Twitter and the two of us have had a continuous game going for over eleven years. I am probably a frustrating person to play against as I don’t particularly care if I win, however I have my own internal rule of never playing a single figure turn, and for the most part, I offend myself if I play a word that scores only in its teens. I would rather skip a go, lose in a crash and burn than dishonour my WWFs prowess with paltry scores.

I realise this is a particularly problematic approach to a word game but I can live with myself.

Observation Note 77: Words and Obsessions. I also have my small obsessions. I screen shot all my over-100 plays, and all the aborted words that are words but someone along the line decided they were way to offensive to be a Words With Friends word, or WWF (hehe – It just makes me think of the World Wrestling Federation which is the Mills & Boon of sport with its over-dramatic, plot-laden twists and pummels). But I digress!

Observation Note 78: But it’s a word, motherfucker! Now, I fully understand that there are a lot of words out in this world that cause offence to others *ahem* or are just not recognised. But getting rid of that word from the dictionary of acceptable words to be played in a game can make me grit my teeth. I get annoyed when I could have played a beautiful 110 pointer but I get nada as the word is not recognised. Now I am not talking about racist words. I’m quite au fait with those being obliterated (hey! we all have boundaries and I am fine with that particular one) but I am talking about words that I freakin’ want to play against my friends.

Let me show you a few:

Words with Friends board with a message overlayed with the words "Sorry, COVID is not a valid word"

COVID damn well is a word. And I dismiss any claims of prim, grammatical lessons telling me that it is a proper noun and thus not playable. Seriously, if I can refer to someone as being a covid away from me (or not covid away enough), that fricken equals a valid word. Catch up, Words With Friends!

Another one:

Words with Friends board with a message overlayed with the words "Sorry, FEMBOT is not a valid word"

Have the powers that be not watched any Austin Powers movies? Have they totally missed the spam bots posing as women. HAVE THEY NEVER WATCHED BIONIC WOMAN TAKE ON FEMBOTS!!! If the MacMillan Dictionary accepts fembot as a word, so should Words With Friends.

And lastly,

Words with Friends board with a message overlayed with the words "Sorry, BUTTSEX is not a valid word"

However, earlier today, in a game against my husband where we were on very similar points, I was unable to play “buttsex”. I may be a tad annoyed. It could have scored big time with that move.

Perhaps I am pushing my luck on this one because it might actually be two words.

Post Script Note 1: If you play and you want to have a game with me, my player name is Vavavavavavavoom. But of course.

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