ShallowreaderBingo! May Edition!

It’s already the end of May and woot woot! A Willful Woman has won this month’s ShallowreaderBingo! Not only did she win Bingo early in May but she tells me she has scored a book for every single square! So excitement!!!

Seinfeld celebration - all four main characters are running and dancing on the spot with their arms up high.

As for me… *sigh* my own reading has slowed down due to having to do not-so-shallowreading (see my new page on this here blog). Stay tuned for the June Bingo sheet which will be much easier than May’s doozy! Link me to your own Bingo scorecards or tweet to me!

So my squares:

Bought for the Greek's Revenge coverBought for the Greek’s Revenge

Lynne Graham

Bingo Square: Unicorns  and *ahem* Suck it!

I have been anticipating Lynne Graham’s 100th book so I was rather excited to buy and read in over the past weekend. It was a good read but unfortunately, I felt that the form that she is the master of, constrained her in this instance. An example of this was that the hero Nikolai has an intriguing tattoo on his shoulder that includes a unicorn and a rainbow yet this is not explored deeper than two brief mentions. Frustrated – oh yes I was!

Britain from above month by monthBritain from above month by month

by Jason Hawkes

Bingo square: Fluffy Little Clouds

This is a photo essay of Britain. I’m a big fan of DK publications but I was underwhelmed by this book. Though the photos were great, the book was lacking DK’s signature information design and I often was left wondering what the photographs were of. That said, the pics were pretty cool.

I borrowed this book from a NSW public library.


Because of Miss BridgertonBecause of Miss Bridgerton

by Julia Quinn

Bingo Square: That Dress

Honestly, I think that just about every romance has a “That Dress” moment. The whole Cinderella/Pygmalion thing where the every day heroine is transformed into a swan. And especially in this book where Sybilla (Billie) Bridgeton, tomboy, wearer of breeches, finally going to London and to a ball, wears a divine red dress (Dammit cover gods – most people are not colour blind!) and old family friend George falls even further in love with her. I love the lightness of Julia Quinn’s stories and this one certainly did not disappoint me.

I borrowed this book from a NSW public library.

View from Sydney Writers' Festival - photograph is my own

View from Sydney Writers’ Festival – photograph is my own

Sydney Writers Festival

various authors

Bingo Square: Inchoate Cohesion

I have a blog post waiting in drafts on the highs and lows of the annual Sydney Writers’ Festival. In so many ways, I love it and in so many ways it angers. I think the moderator holds the key to many events but the event organisers themselves set the mood. And the mood always is that it is the domain of reviewed books only (for what else is a festival but an oral review and a cultural stamp of legitimacy). Suffice to say, there was not much romance going on here. However, I attended sessions on paperbacks, copyright, Magda Szubanski and George Megalogenis, sex and the absolutely wonderful Bankstown Poetry Slam.

No books were bought or borrowed from this event. The program was read online.

Happy Birthday, Madame ChapeauHappy Birthday, Madame Chapeau

words by Andrea Beaty and pictures by David Roberts

Bingo Square: A walk in the park

A delightful children’s picture book about a milliner and her beautiful, unique hats. On the day of her birthday she wears a hat that was made for her but on her walk through a park to get to a restaurant her hat is taken by a bird. She is deeply upset and despite being offered hats by everyone around her she is not happy until she is given one especially made for her. This book has lovely verse and rhythms and just gorgeous illustrations.

I borrowed this book from a NSW public library.

The Sicilian's Stolen SonThe Sicilian’s Stolen Son

by Lynne Graham

Bingo Squares: Twins

I’m cheating a bit here because I have only finished one chapter in this book but it means I scored another square (woot!). And yes, there is an evil twin/good twin surrogate baby and stolen identity plot here. And oh yeah! I do love an absurdist romance! Bring it on!

I borrowed this book from a NSW public library.

Night Music by Charlotte LambNight Music

by Charlotte Lamb

Bingo Square: Love Triangle

This marriage reunited story was rather dark and ominous. Model Lisa left her husband Steve a year earlier due to his mistreatment of her after she had a car accident with her mentor who was killed.  When Steve re-enters her life, Lisa is leading a quiet life in London and dating her own boss. This book explores the depths of love, blinding jealousy and interestingly, good and poor career choices.

I bought a copy of this book from an op shop.

I have also blogged earlier in the month about the following books (and their corresponding squares

Sealed with a Kiss by Rachel Lucas

Bingo Square: Epic disaster Wardrobe tragedy (and Train travel sneaked in there too)

Leonetti’s Housekeeper Bride by Lynne Graham

Bingo Square: Dead Dogs






6 thoughts on “ShallowreaderBingo! May Edition!

  1. One of the only times I have had actual clothes envy from a M&B cover: Night Music, Charlotte Lamb. And I HATE love triangles…but I still liked that book! (I guess that just proves Lamb is pretty amazing!

    And I am super interested to see what your thoughts are on Sydney Writers Festival – it seemed like it was promoted everywhere I was this time…

    • I’m on a deadline nightmare at the moment but hopefully I will get it done on the weekend.

      I’m with you re: the clothes envy. She is sooo cool! Certainly slays the current covers.

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