ShallowreaderBingo! June

The June card is here!

As her prize for winning, two of the boxes have been contributed by Willaful who won last month’s game. Can anyone guess which ones are hers?

Remember that any reading goes – novels, letters, lyrics, news, captions, blogs – the lot!

Join in and play!


Row 1: Naked; A child's grief; June; Dust; Delusion. Row 2: Au Revoir; Interrupted intimacy; Mini; Gratitude; Just the tip. Row 3: I'm so sorry; beautiful all along; Gold star; gesticulate; Broken pedestal. Row 4: Solstice; Mary Sue; White Man's Burden; With Pleasure; For your own good. Row 5: Shipping; Pride; Pretty in Pink; Hero is a mountain; 100. Columns 1: Naked; Au Revoir; I'm so sorry; Solstice; shipping. Column 2: A child's grief; Interrupted intimacy; beautiful all along; Mary sue; Pride. Column 3: June; Mini; Gold Star; White Man's Burden; Pretty in Pink. Column 4: Dust; Gratitude; Gesticulate; With pleasure; Hero is a mountain. column 5: Delusion; Just the tip; Broken Pedestal; For your own good; 100. Diagonal 1: Naked; Interrupted intimacy; gold Star; With Pleasure; 100. Diagonal 2: Delusion; Gratitude; Gold Star; Mary Sue; shipping.



9 thoughts on “ShallowreaderBingo! June

    • Remember that the first to get 5 in a row needs to let me know as there is a prize (you get to name 2 squares for the next month and a shout out from me. It’s a coveted prize)! I’ve gone into the Alt text and put in all the columns and diagonals too!

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