I blame it on the name

So I have been trying to read a book called Tribal Law whose heroine is named Vassiliki Verity. I am not on an ego trip when I claim that this character is named for me. She is. I know this because I was told by both the author and Kat Mayo of Bookthingo.

Tribal Law by Shannon B. CurtisSo here is the story: Tribal Law is a crowdsourced story. Author Shannon B Curtis (full disclosure: Shannon and I have twittered together, supped together and presented on a panel at a library event together so are on pretty friendly terms) wrote a story whose plot and main characters were given to her by members of the Australian Romance Readers Association (another full disclosure: I am not a member of ARRA though I have attended all their conventions to date). There was a big meeting, I was told it was rather raucous and fun and I was also told that Kat Mayo – friend, borrower and romance reading mastermind – insisted that the heroine be named for me. Because she loves me. Or should that be loves torturing me.

I am up to Chapter 7 of this book and though it is well-written, interesting and funny I just cannot continue (at least at this point) because  of the heroine being called Vassiliki and there are sex scenes and I just can’t stay in the story because I keep seeing my own name and I have no idea how all you “normal” named people can cope with reading books where you constantly see your own names.

Especially when I see the phrases such as “Vassiliki is a vamp” before my eyes.

I purchased my own copy of Tribal Law.

PS This book has a hatchback driving hero. I will return to read it just for this one reason!



14 thoughts on “I blame it on the name

  1. You did say at one time that you were disappointed at the lack of Vassiliki heroines in romance. Be careful what you wish for! lol I believe the hatchback hero was also a request of mine. 😀

    There aren’t many Kat heroines, but the few I’ve read have been distracting, yes. Also, Kats tend to be bitchy or feisty. There aren’t many timid Kats. What does that say about people’s impression of us, I wonder???

    • True – I can’t think of any timid Kats either. Perhaps because mostly, Kat is a shorter version of either Katherine or Katrina (and all their variant spellings) and the more timid personalities would be Katie or Kathy…

      And you are right. I will forever more be careful for what I wish for. I forgot you were my genie 😀

  2. You’ve got me searching my memory for how many times I’ve read Wendy heroines. Hardly ever. The origins of the name make it tricky. It existed in the 19th century but didn’t really gain traction until the 20th, with J.M Barrie and Peter Pan. And it’s pretty much been on the down-slide since the 1960s/1970s (I went to school with a bazillion Jennifer’s, Jessica’s and Amy’s – only one other Wendy and she was 2 years older than me).

    • I have worked with two Wendy’s (in two different library services). Come to think of it, I can’t recall any Wendy heroines either but I will be looking from now on. Maybe the Peter Pan imagery is too strong.

  3. I’m only now getting around to reading this–because things happen–and I have to laugh, really really scare-the-cats-loud, at the “Vassiliki is a vamp” statement not letting you continue reading.

    I mean, we all knew that, after all…

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