ShallowreaderBingo! September Special Birthday Edition!

So it is the end of the month and I have TWO winners! That is right! Not ONE but TWO!!!! Which is just fab because Birthday Month deserves two winners! A huge shout out to Willaful and Kaetrin for dual wins! Woooot! Wooooot!

Two men blowing birthday kazoos

As for my Bingo! It will all be based on Bridget Jones’s Baby which I watched TWICE because I enjoyed it so much! Be warned though, there are SPOILERS ahead:


Christmas Gifts – I finally used the movie vouchers my son gave me for Christmas to go to see this movie the second time around – oh and Bridget Jones is well and truly in her third semester when it is Christmas time in the movie.

Do you remember  – I DO remember watching Bridget Jones’s Diary  the first time it came out. A year earlier, my cousin’s then wife was raving about the book. I read it and thought it was. I loved the movie when it came out despite the ending. I was definitely Team Daniel.

September – this movie was a new release in the month of September (tenuous links count!).

A woman in her prime – Bridget is 43 (a prime number). As is 47 a prime number *ahem says Shallowreader ahem*

Balance – nope. I got nothing.

Where there’s a will – I never understand Bridget’s love for Mark Darcy. She is such a breath of fresh air. She’s happy and funny and all over the place and he is just boring and staid and sadly she is so taken by him that this old adage seems to always come through for her. Dammit!

Taming of the shrew – Bridget’s boss is rather shrewish and you do get a glimpse of softening right at the end of the movie.

Birthday/Birth Day – So the movie starts on Bridget’s 43rd Birthday when she is blowing out a candle on a cupcake on her own and close to the end of the movie she gives birth to her baby. Oh and it may have been yours truly’s birthday during this month.

You complete me – Dammit! Bridget seems to think that Mark Darcy completes her – noooooooooo! Bridget! Noooooooo! Every on-again off-again romance is just doooooomed. He does not complete you. He is a fricking grump!


Twenty Fifth – Renee Zellweger was born on the 25th of April…. Shallowreader was born on the 25th of the month too. Join the dots on that one.

Coupling – Bridget Jones seems rather resigned to all her friends being part of a couple even though she isn’t and then in the space of a week she goes coupling with both swoony Jack Qwant and put-me-to-sleep Mark Darcy.

Gush – well…Bridget’s problem is that that either Jack or Mark gushed beyond the capabilities of their condom to contain their bodily fluid but it took until the end of the movie to find out who out of the two of them had the most forceful ejaculation.

Swooning – oh my dreamy Patrick Dempsey and his most beautiful face and smile were in this movie rendering me to swoon every moment he was on screen. DAMN YOU BRIDGET!!!!

Naked Truth – yeah…Dempsey’s Jack Qwant wasn’t especially a most ethical man in that he lied about having sex with Bridget and let Markhohum Darcy to believe that he was naked, not dressed, when he got down and dirty with Bridget.

You’re History – Oh Hugh Grant…relegated to the dead boyfriend role right at the beginning.

69 – Renee Zellweger was born in 1969. Just like moi!

(An aside: I cannot recall any romance where there has been a 69 described. It just isn’t a position that seems to engender sexy romance heart revealing moments).

Somewhere around the corner – Isn’t it inevitable that Markmumbles Darcy is always lurking around some corner to see Bridget be awkward and then at the last minute in classic HPM&B style declares his love for her in a “I never wanted you to know I felt love for you” which totally would piss me off so of course he totally pisses me off.

Ravish –  Bridget was well ravished! The sex scene with Jack Qwant(Patrick Dempsey) was rompish and hot and just delicious. And to give it credit, Bridget and Markyawn’s sex scene was utterly romantic and sexy and heart caught in my throat beautiful.

Hate – I wouldn’t exactly call my dislike for Mark Darcy hate but he is far from a favourite hero. I don’t mind a quiet, introverted hero (see The Hating Game) but he is so dour throughout all the Bridget movies (and to be honest Colin Firth is dour in Pride and Prejudice  too). Mumblers and mutterers shit me to tears and Mark Darcy is totally a passive aggressive mutterer.

Cool Dude – all that hate dumping said, I also acknowledge that when Colin Firth smiles it is like the heavens open and rainbow unicorns burst forth. It is a beautiful sight. But Patrick Dempsey is sooooo much cooler a dude than Firth. Hands DOWN!

Flip Back – Sheesh! Every time Bridget fricken’ flips back to Mark Darcy. However, even Mark Darcy despite getting married and all, always seems to flip back to Bridget Jones. On-again off again romance Bleh. Imagine copping the breakup angst as a friend of this pair. Nope.

Home Cooking – There is a gorgeous scene where Patrick Dempsey takes some gourmet takeaway food to Bridget’s home. He is so scrumptious. Sure, it wasn’t home cooking but he did take someone else’s cooking to her home.

Pillow Talk – When Bridget is in labour, she is exhausted and lying against a pillow, Mark Darcy declares his deep and abiding love for her. It isn’t that pillow talk of lovers in the night but it was touching and heartfelt and Colin Firth just slam dunked the grovel love declaration. It was wonderful.

Subtle –  Bridget announcing to Jack and Mark at the same time that either of them could be the father of her child was delivered in couched and subtle terms and it really took a while for the reality to sink in to both men.

Gamma – This third instalment in the Bridget Jones trilogy was just wonderful to watch. I was soooo deeply in love with Renee Zellweger. I loved how she looked in this movie. Much has been made of her altered looks. I don’t really care whether this is due to surgery or just her normal ageing process. If she chose to have surgery – top marks. Do whatever the fuck you want for whatever reasons you have – naysayers be damned. That said, in this movie you could see laugh lines and wrinkles and I loved her hair and I loved her dancing and I loved the way Renee carries herself. Ontop of this, Bridget Jones’s Baby is female centric. It is all about Bridget. The movie passes the Bechdel Test and the men pay homage to the goddess that is Bridget. Rarely does a Part 3 movie make me laugh more than number 1 and number 2. It was so funny yet it was so warm. Maybe it is because I am Bridget’s age and I can relate to this 40-something where there are few other 40-somethings that resonate with me in fictional stories. As my lovely friend and author/scholar Sandra Antonelli says – romance is central for women of all ages and seeing a romance story for Bridget finally come together was lovely. Even if she did end up with the wrong guy.

I paid full price to see Bridget Jones’s Baby with two of my girlfriends at my local cinema. I liked it so much that I then used my movie vouchers that I dragged my husband and both my sons along to the cinema so they can watch the movie – they were the only 3 males in a full house of women. 

2 thoughts on “ShallowreaderBingo! September Special Birthday Edition!

  1. I was all OH HELL YEAH on Bridget being older and not recast with a younger actress! However, I thought Bridget and Qwant were just a big fat unbelievable NOOOOO chemistry.

    • Well….I would say that they had no chemistry deliberately. He was a hook up that due to circumstances had to hang around for results. On paper – perfect but the reality was zilch chemistry. I think there was a salient message about online dating being delivered too.

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