ShallowreaderBingo! October

The October card is here!!

Any reading goes – novels, letters, lyrics, news, captions, blogs – the lot! Thanks to Willaful and Kaetrin for their winner squares and Dr Martin de Graaf for his insightful *ahem* commentary and contributions to this month’s Bingo sheet. And remember that I encourage cheating and that we all love the most ludicrous reading-to-bingo-square justifications best. Play Bingo with one text or have a text per square….or just watch a movie and pretend you read the reviews.

Join in and play!Row 1: The horror...the horror...; Turtle; October; From beyond the grave; Spring. Row 2: Power Failure; Head; Fester; Signed, Sealed, Delivered; Whitewash. Row 3: But then I thought about the game; Campus Life; Delight; Beer; Death Stare. Row 4: 78; Spawning; Dutch Oven; Slit; Wild Thing. Row 5: Blur; In Decent; Blossom; Legend...; Stripped.

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