Rudi is Sharing the Shallows

It is a truth universally accepted that when I go out with Rudi, the next day is always a struggle to emerge from my tired sleep. She is a “scream with laughter and stories throughout the night” friend. I first met Rudi of The Travelling Fabio fame through Sarah at romance author events and then at university, at conventions, at bars, anywhere we can manage to get a chance to talk about our romance reading.

Rudi B's Mills & Boon decoupaged high heeled shoes.


Occupation: Radio Girl Friday

Can you describe yourself:

Rudi is a radio and romance novel nerd. She like to combine these two loves by working on the Bookthingo Podcast. Rudi also way better at talking about herself than she is at writing about herself.


What is your main reading medium (books, blogs, games, news, etc) and how much time do you spend reading a week?

My main reading medium is probably newspapers/online articles. Every morning when I start work I have to go through the papers (the big ones and the local ones) to keep across the day’s news. But when it comes to reading for pleasure, books are my main reading source. So all together I think I spend about 6-7 hours a day reading.

Mina V Esguerra's Iris After the IncidentAlisha RAi's Glutton for PleasureWhat or who is your joyful reading (guilty or otherwise) pleasure? 

Romance novels in general are my joyful reading pleasure. I go through phases when it comes to subgenres.

Right now I’m on a contemporary romance kick, so I’ve been really enjoying books by Charlotte Stein, Alisha Rai, Victoria Dahl, and Mina V. Esguerra.

Romancing Mr Bridgeton by Julia Quinn

Do you have a favourite storyline or plot? And do you have one you will not read?

I love beta heroes. I like when they’re paired with prickly, Alpha heroines, or when they’re paired with secretly successful/totally underestimated heroines. Bonus points if the hero and heroine have some kind of “friend of a sibling” type connection with each other. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn is pretty much my perfect book.

As for deal breaker storylines? I couldn’t read a book that attempted to romanticise an overtly exploitative relationship, rape culture, or family violence. I do think there’s a place for these plots/themes to be explored, but I think it’s irresponsible to romanticise them.

Why do you/don’t you use a public library?

I use my public library quite a lot. One reason is that I’ve recently relocated and haven’t brought many of my books with me. So going to the library means I still have access to plenty of my old favourites, when I’m in need of a comfort read.

I also don’t have internet set up at home just yet and there’s free internet access at the library.

Do you RUI*. If so, what?

Sometimes. If I’ve gone out for drinks after work, I’ll read a book when I’m heading home on the train. Although in those cases I’m just as likely to abandon my book for Twitter or to just listen to music.

Good Girls Don't by Victoria DahlDo you have a favourite reading spot?

I’ll genuinely read anywhere. I prefer to be able to lay on my stomach while I read, so if I’m at home I’ll almost always read in bed or on the lounge room floor.

Toilet reading: 

Nope, but I will read in the bath.

Romance fiction of the Happily Ever After (not the love tragedy) kind – are you a Lover or a Hater and why?

I ~love~ HEA romance novels. Love them. I also don’t mind HFN, but I am not ok with being blindsided by cliffhanger endings.

What would you give up reading for**?

I genuinely don’t know what I’d give up reading for. At least not long term. Meanwhile, there are plenty of things I happily give up in favour of reading instead, like cleaning. I frequently ignore household chores in favour of reading. I know. I don’t know how I manage to make such a huge sacrifice either.

Can a romance/crime/super/etc hero be the driver of a hatchback?

Sure. I don’t think I take much notice of car types tbh.

2 thoughts on “Rudi is Sharing the Shallows

  1. The reason we read about Dukes is cos we need their imagined riches to pay the servants to take care of all the stuff while we get on with the important duty of reading and then talking about books with our mates. Our fave romances are really about getting the world rightly organised to facilitate this/re-building community thus lining up with the eight stages of a romance according to Pamela Regis

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