Travel day June

Today is a travel day so I don’t have any writing to share. However, have a look at the funky retro furniture at the hotel (Vine Valley Inn in Cessnock) where I am staying. No, this is not an ad or promotion or review. I have no energy for that sort of palaver.

Feel free to play “Where’s Shallowreader”. LOL.

A bed with white linen, red blanket at the foot, orange bedside table and orange paining like a smudge.
A comfy low peach love seat, an orange vinyl armchair, a credenza in a long hallway.
A funky wooden and orange bar with a ship poised ontop. A round mirror. A hsuband. A brick fireplace. Greenery. A mustard lounge.
A white vinyl 4-seater lounge with teal seating. A large mirror and a window behind the lounge.
A long view of the lounge room. Husband's back.
A wall of ye olde English wall plates, painings and embroideries
The reception desk is decorated with old colourful suitcases all stacked up like a Tetris game.

6 thoughts on “Travel day June

  1. Sorry…it’s making me hyperventilate. I’m imagine a particular smell, which may be very unfair!

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