Another travel day

I returned home from my mini-trip. It wasn’t a holiday. It was a workshop day in the Hunter Valley. Tomorrow is a work from home and then I have two more travel days. Here are two more photos from yesterday’s hotel. Their dining room is full of embroideries and samplers. They remind me of my mum and her family’s total obsession with framed stitched beauties. Quite the comfort.

The hotel was such a delight.

A dining room with two long tables, a mishmash of chairs and lounges, a large mirror and a wall of scattered framed embroideries.
A closer shot of some of the embroideries. A man panning gold, a windmill, yellow flowers, a mandolin player, a vague thingy I can't make out, another vague thingy, a river scene and a flamenco dancer.

8 thoughts on “Another travel day

  1. Those samplers…is there a Greek immigrant home that doesn’t have a dozen? Ours are now relegated to the great-dumping-ground that is our semi-finished basement.

    • They continue to grace my mother’s walls. Interestingly, 70s embroideries seem to be a retro design choice. I have seen spruced up homes with whole walls of them, I have even seen them in funky dive bars!

      • Wow, must be an Oz thing…I’ve only seen them in the dark corners of basements and storage rooms. Also, garage sales and church white elephant tables. Maybe they’ll come back!?

        • Hmmm….I’m not sure. I’ve seen three places in NSW truly rock this style (including this hotel) but I have also seen a few from the UK. I tried to find more examples but couldn’t find more.

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