Children’s Reading journal article

I have had a peer-review journal article published. I am honoured to be in the April 2016 edition of TEXT: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses in their issue on Conflicting and Connecting Narratives. My paper is called Marginalising children’s reading experiences: From series books to paratextual reading. The Journal is Open Access so click on the link above for the full article.

Should you have some time to read it, whether you agree or disagree, I welcome your feedback.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Children’s Reading journal article

  1. Hi Vassiliki
    I enjoyed reading your article – congratulations on its publication.
    I find myself agreeing with your argument about the validity of reading which tends to be dismissed while admitting that I have probably been guilty of dismissing it.
    I still struggle with valuing all reading though. Is it all to be encouraged? Or is it like the McDonald’s argument – well, at least they’re eating…?
    While sports people engage in repetitive activity within strict parameters, arguably they are sharpening their skills and challenging themselves. Wider reading can do that. Or we can keep reading the same kind of thing, over and over and over…One for discussion over a glass or two of wine.

    • Thank you, Monica!

      I think the difference between the MacDonalds argument is that food has a value based on objective nutritional measures. Reading measures though can only be subjective – even for the highest of accolades such as the Nobel Prize for literature. And rereading too can sharpen skills and bring deeper understanding. It is all about the reader’s reception of the text rather than the text itself.

      And yes, I think this does need deeper discussion over a glass of wine sometime soon 🙂

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